German Puppets 1920s

A selection of puppets made in Germany.

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Art work details

Year of production :
Animals and Figures
Dimensions :

Images 1 & 2: (left to right)

Policeman puppet

height: 56 cms; width: 19 cms; head depth: 7.6 cms

Queen puppet

height: 58 cms; width: 21 cms; head depth: 9 cms

Kaspar Puppet (clown-jester)

height: 69 cms; width: 20 cms; head depth: 8

All of these puppets were made by Lotte Sievers-Hahn in Bremen, Germany.


Images 3 & 4:

Glove Puppet

height: 30.5 cms; width (hands): 20.5 cms; head depth: 5.7 cms

Made by Emma Storm, Olbernhau, Germany.