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Both Peter Waals and Edward Bansley held the position of adviser to Loughborough University (then College).

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Because of this the University has a number of Arts & Crafts pieces and a lot of the student work undertaken between 1935 and 1965 was heavily influenced by the Cotswold Tradition. A number of buildings at the University hosed Arts & Crafts furniture, particularly Hazelrigg and Rutland Halls of residence.

These two buildings were re-purposed into administration offices in 2008 due to new student halls being built nearby. This resulted in Loughborough University auctioning some of the furniture that was housed in the halls. They have kept a number of examples which now form part of the Universities Collection.

All of the images you can see here were taken in 2006.

Image 1 shows Hazelrigg and Rutland Halls, built in the 1930s.

Images 2 shows the old student common room at Hazelrigg Hall where a number of the chairs were made by students under the guidance of Barnsley.

Images 3 show a typical student room at Rutland Hall that was decorated with furniture designed by Waals and made by students.

Images 4 shows the a detail of the original design for the student room furniture by Waals.

Images 5 and 6 show the collection of Barnsley designed furniture that was situated in the office of the Director of External Relations at Rutland Hall.