Oak Bed by Gimson

Designed by Ernest Gimson and made in his Daneway workshop.

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Art work details

Year of production :
Bedroom Furniture
Dimensions :
H. 112cm; W. 95cm; D. 221cm
Credit Line :
Presented by Douglas Smith in 1988

In oak with chamfered rails. Note the precise octagonal shaping of each upright with the tenonned and pinned joints.

This bed which is over seven feet long was made for Christopher Gimson who was particularly tall. He was born in 1886 and would have reached his full height by about 1904-06. He went to India in 1911 and spent most of his working life there till 1949. After Christopher Gimson’s death in 1975, the bed was acquired by the Leicester architect, Douglas Smith, who was then living in the White House.

Shown in these images at Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House on Lake Windermere, where the bed is currently on display.