Oak Cot by Gimson

Designed by Ernest Gimson and made in his Daneway workshop.

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Art work details

Year of production :
Bedroom Furniture
Dimensions :
H. 107.2cm; W. 152cm; D. 72cm
Credit Line :
Purchased from Kanty Cooper in 1959

Gimson adapted this design from a cot designed and made by Sidney Barnsley for his daughter Grace born in 1896. Note the chamfered rails and lines of gouged decoration on legs. The end frames of the cot have double-arched tops and shaped tails echoing the Cotswold farm wagons which inspired this design. The two sides, which lift off, have a gently curved top rail in the central section.

The sixth image is the design of the joints and chamfering details. It's signed in the bottom right corner: MRS COOPERS COT, Ernest W Gimson, Daneway House, July 20

In 1904 Katharine (known as Kanty) Cooper was born, the first child of May and John Paul Cooper. They were living in Birmingham where Cooper was teaching metalwork and enamelling at Birmingham Municipal School of Art and running a studio producing metalwork and jewellery to his design. Cooper wanted to encourage the artistic leanings of his children and this may have encouraged him to commission the cot for his first-born from Gimson. His second child, Francis Cooper who became a silversmith like his father, recalled sleeping in it as a child and, ‘how knobbly it was to knock elbows on.’