Mahogany China Cabinet by Waals

Designed by Peter Waals and made in his Chalford workshop.

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Art work details

Year of production :
Cabinets and Sideboards
Dimensions :
H. 212cm; W. 188.5cm; D. 50cm
Credit Line :
Presented by H W Goddard in 1969

Cuban mahogany with ebony

This piece was developed from a design for a china cabinet by Ernest Gimson dated 1917. The original cabinet was commissioned by Gimson’s cousin, Kingsley Gimson. It seems likely that it was Kingsley Gimson who asked for a design in the 18th-century tradition as period features such as the curved top were unusual in Gimson’s work.

Waals combined the 18th-century elegant curves with typically Cotswold features such as the chamfered supports to the upper section of the cabinet. This piece was made by Ernest Smith; it was an expensive piece which cost £288.2.0