Oak Swing Mirror by Gimson

Designed by Ernest Gimson and made in his Daneway workshop.

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Art work details

Year of production :
Mirrors and Embroidery
Dimensions :
H. 51cm; W. 37.8cm; D. 23.8cm
Credit Line :

Swing mirror on a stand with two drawers in oak with ebony and oak stringing finished with brass handles.

Note how Gimson has dealt with the inlaid stringing round the drawers. The different diagonals meet up in the centre and there is a small gap between the central section of inlay at the top and bottom. Despite their small size, the brass handles have some punched decoration. 

Gimson’s design for a similar mirror in Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum is dated April 29 1909. It is annotated with the following information to help clients choose the design they wanted at a price they could afford:

Mirror in walnut as drawn £3.5.0, mirror in walnut, glass 19” x 13” with base 21½” x 9” £5.5.0. Mirror same size as drawn without inlay and chamfering and one drawer in base £1.10.0. Mirror in oak, glass 17½” x 12”, chamfered but without drawers £2.10.0.

Currently on loan to the National Trust for display at Stoneywell.