Walnut Swing Mirror by Gimson

Designed by Ernest Gimson and made in his Daneway workshop.

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Art work details

Mirrors and Embroidery
Dimensions :
H. 63cm; W. 26.5cm; D. 27cm
Credit Line :
Presented by Roger Peach in 1962.

Bevelled mirror glass with a walnut chamfered frame. Gimson kept the little curved ends derived from the traditional wagon in this design.

Two similar mirrors were made in 1915 according to Gimson's job book at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum. They were made by Fred Gardiner in 76½ hours for which he was paid at 7 ½d an hour working out at £2.7.10. On to that was added half that amount – £1.13.11 – to go back into the workshop account and 18 shillings for the wood and glass. The final cost for 2 mirrors was £4.12.0.